Where do you prefer to gamble

Where do you prefer to gamble In a scarcely lit basement, where unshaven criminals show excessive interest in your fake Rolex, or maybe in a well-lit and noisy casino with lots of people who came there to have a good time?

Undoubtedly, online casinos are characterized by a few other details, but it does not really change facts. You will feel comfortable on one of the gambling websites, while others will want to leave as quickly as possible. The multitude of cryptocurrency portals, however, means that you can run out of time to find the best option. Sometimes players are satisfied with the first better casino they encounter, which is sad.

We would like to present you the most reputable and largest Bitcoin casino according to our opinion. You will only have to choose from the best casinos that will allow you to get maximum fun from cryptocurrency gambling.
Below are some tips on how to make the right choice.


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Best Bitcoin casino

TOP Bitcoin casino

Name : Anonymous Casino

Type : Bitcoin casino

Verified : Yes

Platform : BTC, ETH, LTC

Prize pool : 10.00000000 BTC

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The Internet offers users a lot of freedom, but there is more to it than it seems. Freedom means not only becoming independent of what others can dictate to us; it is also the responsibility for their actions.

Looking for the best casino that accepts bitcoins, you can easily get to the offer of a Anonymous casino which offers exorbitant bonuses for the first deposit (150% up to 1,5 BTC). No one has heard of him on Bitcointalk? It appeared only a few days ago? Never mind, I will be the first to get coconuts on it!

This attitude to gambling can be quite dangerous, because this type of player can become a victim of cheaters, and then shed tears over lost bitcoins. It is unlikely that they will be recovered.Therefore, before you transfer any hard earned amount, we recommend searching for information about the casino. Their lack should be a clear warning that you should be vigilant on a given page. Reputation will appear sooner or later.


Here's a list of important factors that should help you determine which crypto casino is best for you:

Security and privacy
Speed of withdrawals
Bonus offers
Professional reviews
Opinions of ordinary players
Recognition in the cryptocurrency world
Provably fair algorithm
User experience and visual experience
Cooperation with well-known gambling software providers
Let us briefly comment on each of them.

The first point is obligatory and uncompromising. A virtual casino should guarantee maximum protection of its users' funds. The same applies to the personal data of players, even if they are only email addresses. Avoid cryptocurrency casinos that do not meet this requirement.

The license guarantees that the Bitcoin casino is fair to its players. It ensures that all activities are legal. The certificate also tells us that the owners of a casino are serious about their activities and will not allow stains on their reputation.

How can you spend cryptocurrency?

Below is a list of the best sites on which Bitcoin can be played via the Internet.


The site offers honest casino games and guarantees
"fast transactions, continuous withdrawals, fortune wheel, slot machines,
Bitcoin" and other options.


With the website administrators. In the previous year,
for example, the founder and CEO of Primedice, Edward Miroslav, answered
questions from users Primedice offers nice graphics. No need to deposit, and ease of use is an undeniable advantage.


This less popular site offers Satoshi Bones, a game with the use of cubes,
introduced in 2014. Users play in BTC or LTC


CoinRoll offers a low casino profit (1%). No registration required.
Winnings can be sent to any address. The plants are made on the basis of blockchain
and processed in a fair manner. Coinroll is seen as safe.


Founded in 2013, 777Coin is among the first generation Bitcoin casinos.
This site is a bit outdated and can cause nostalgia among players.
It is run by two anonymous BitcoinTalk users, i.e. Lightlord - the founder and owner,
and Zoadiac1233, dealing with development and support.

Quick deposits

Quick deposits and withdrawals are the undeniable advantage of any gambling site. No one should care why and when you want to transfer bitcoins from one account to another. We recommend avoiding portals that prolong the processing of cryptocurrency transactions.

Bonuses not only stimulate players' interest, but also help them save money. Healthy competition forces virtual casinos to create new promotions and improve existing ones. Sometimes bonus programs offer an attractive profit also for the user.


The opinions of other people can never be inappropriate. Pay attention to both the opinions of gambling experts and new players, confused by the payment system. This will help to avoid stressful situations and prepare for potential pitfalls. Learn to distinguish constructive opinions from paid advertising posts, so that you do not regret being naïve afterwards.

Recognition in the cryptocurrency world is related to previous points; the difference lies in the scale. For example, if a website dealing with gambling has been a member of the Bitcoin Foundation for many years, it distinguishes it from the others. Charity, early adoption of cryptocurrencies, a large community - such features of the Internet portal should be paid attention.

The provably fair system is one of the best things that have happened to bitcoin casinos. Thanks to this algorithm, each player has the opportunity to check the integrity of each game result. If a website has this feature, it adds one hundred points to its credibility.

Excited by the original look of the portal? Great, but it would also be good to make a mini tour of the portal. Start a random game and see how it loads. Review the main sections and try to estimate whether they are comfortable to use. You'd better play in a place where you feel good, do not you?At the end, do not forget to check the list of providers whose software the portal uses. You may have your favorite gambling company, so it's worth looking for a site that offers many of their games.

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